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Your career partly speaks of who you are. Some of the things we do at work are reflections of who we want to be. It can also reflect where we want to go career-wise or how we want to be viewed in the office. It is important to know how our actions could affect our future or others so we could be a better version of ourselves if there is a desire to go higher. Sadly, some habits are not easily curbed. Sometimes we need reminding on some important things we tend to forget. There are also those idiosyncrasies we don’t realize we carry out from time to time. Though these may seem harmless, these in fact may be doing quite the opposite and are not making us attain our goals. Let’s take a look at these huge mistakes that you can make in your career.


Here are some mistakes that are best to avoid in your career:


Taking things personally all the time

First mistake, taking things personally. Several things that happen at work are not how we expect them to be. That’s just life. You take the good with the bad, and most times, it will feel like it’s too much. Always remember that the universe is not out to get you. Learn that there are some you can’t control that you just have to learn from. Taking things personally clouds our better judgment and this affects how we learn from difficult situations that will enable us to move forward.


Staying in a role for too long without any skill improvements

Not learning is a dead-end. Not moving forward in your career is a disaster waiting to happen, not to mention depressing. And usually no growth means no salary increases. So how long is too long? Three years. If you have been doing the same job, in the same industry, sometimes in the same company, think of how better you could improve your self-worth and value to your company or the next.

Two men burning a bridge

Burning bridges

Another big mistake. It is tempting to release pent up anger or express undue stress just so you could get things off of your chest. This is especially true when you think things are over. Maybe you think when you resign or someone resigns, you could just give people a piece of your mind but be wary. What goes around, comes around and every industry is smaller than you think. However entitled you are to your own opinion and in expressing it, hold some thoughts off. It is always not worth getting misread and outbursts are always typically regretted. History follows us everywhere, sometimes even to our next jobs. Express yourself, but think of how best to do, or word it.

Always believing one or others without your own assessment

There are always several people, maybe a Manager or a cousin or your friends, who always have something to say about your career, your lack thereof, or other stuff you feel passionate about that they think they know better of. Constantly following others’ advice than trusting your experience may do more harm than good. Sometimes advisers have motives that are usually just for their own good. Listen to advice but weigh in on it. Ask yourself why a particular someone is stopping you from doing something that would enrich you, just because they don’t feel right about it. And are the people around you who are telling you what to do the right people to ask about the things you’re wondering about or would like to discuss?


Wasting time on trivial things, including poor time management or too much social media

It’s no longer cool to constantly be late for work or appointments. It’s also already weird to be too connected on social media, always checking your phone for every notification beep. Of course allow yourselves binge-watching YouTube or your favorite TV shows every now and then but doing so every night, missing sleep, missing breakfast and missing the first hour of your work day is not doing anything for advancements you wish to make in your career. It’s not rocket science. More time spent on things that matter are baby steps towards a greater version of yourself.


Non-communication or improper communication

A recurring tip in all of the articles on here revolves around communication, which shows how vital this key factor is. Not communicating to members of your team, to your superior, to the Management about your ideas, especially when asked, communicates your non-interest at work. Engage in conversations about positive changes within the organization. Speak your mind about ideas that you think could improve everyone’s work processes. Let others know how you envision the future of your organization with you in it, helping it to succeed.

If you keep your grand plans to yourself, there will be no one to collaborate on those with and it may take longer to get you the success you want. Help others if you think you can improve on things around the office and sharing those info will also help you. It’s not a case of give back to get something in return, it is more of realizing your purpose within the organization and communication to collaborate, that hopefully brings good to bring everyone to the next level.

youtube in laptop

Using the company’s internet for personal use

Big data allows companies to determine your height standing up or sitting down, just by the usual distance of your phone from the floor when you browse the internet. Having said that fact, everyone knows what everyone is doing nowadays so expect that all of your browsing at work are seen by your company’s IT guys. Your browsing history can reach the people who can decide the fate of your employment.

Resist the urge to know who your Aunt is dating or to view your friend’s new cat’s photos. Browse and research jobs at home. You don’t want to lose all your hard work in the office because in under a minute you checked a viral video out and was found out at an inopportune time by your boss.

Refusing training or further studies

Refusing training or further studies especially if it’s a short course and/ or if it’s free, can be a big mistake. Sure taking classes, whether class-type, personal or online would take up valuable free time. But, the benefits will outweigh the bad in the long run. New skills in this ever-changing world should always be welcomed. Sponsored company training might come with a bond to tie you to the organization so read the fine print well first. Getting training should not be seen as a negative, drag-your-heels, off from work. Be open to it and be well-informed about the circumstances of the training.


Mixing business with pleasure

For obvious reasons, scandals and the like should be stayed away from at all costs. You are an adult working with other adults. You know better so you should always do better.


Our careers spent in organizations we work in should be treated as arenas where we could showcase the best things we could do. Our work experiences teach us about ourselves that we also use to be better. Bringing out a better you creates a better way of life and a happier, more achievement-filled, more content and a more relaxed you.

Here’s something to help you Create a Happy Environment at Work.

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